Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stone by Stone

Let me tell you why I love this video. Sometimes we all have trees(like the one in this video) that we are trying to grow in our lives. These are things that we are trying to accomplish. They are places that we hope to be someday. Sometimes we are tempted to tell God how to help us get there, but as we lay stone by stone and let him reach us, he will teach us how get there.

 I love the smile on Joseph's face when his tree is grown. It is great in contrast to the pain and sadness you see in the first part.

Even though there are trees that we are working on right now with God's help, lets not overlook the ones that have already grown. What progress have you made in your life? Let's look back and notice how far we have come, and what things we truly have overcome. There are many. I promise you.

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