Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Better than you think

If you are a piano player and you don't play the piano one day, you are still a piano player.

If you are a basketball player, and one day you get busy and don't even touch a basketball that day, you are still a basketball player.

Sometimes we think we have failed at being who we are if we don't  do everything we normally do every day.

I am a friendly person, but some days I don't remember to talk to people and smile at people. Does that mean I am a grouchy and unfriendly person. Nope.

 Think of your best qualities. Remember that they are part of who you are whether you do it all the time or not. Remember that God is working with us. We are always progressing. Don't get discouraged by your imperfections. You are doing better than you think. He will change your heart a little at a time.

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