Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life: Don't do it alone.

This weekend, I got sick, which is pretty common when you spend all day with children. However, this time I was determined not to let it get me down. I decided to look for my blessings. I was grateful that I was finally able to have an excuse to relax. I was grateful that I got sick on the weekend so that I didn't have to feel miserable while trying to teach. However there was one huge blessing of this weekend. I came closer to my Heavenly Father.

You know when you are sick and you tell yourself you have to stay home and in bed, but all you really want to do is go out and see your friends. Well, this time, when I would start to feel lonely, I would lay there in bed and pray. I would just have a conversation with my Heavenly Father about whatever I wanted. I talked to him about everything, and when I got up to make a puzzle, I asked him to help me find the pieces. Instantly I felt like I was doing a puzzle with Heavenly Father. He was helping me find pieces faster than I could. (I know it sounds dumb, but He knew it was somehow important to me)

Then, I prayed that someone would come and visit me. Of course, he blessed me with good friends and visitors, as well as Ashley and Sean, who were here all day, to keep me company. I didn't feel alone at all today because I had my Father in Heaven with me.

When I received a calling that I was unsure I would be able to do well, I would to go on walks just to pray to my Heavenly Father and tell him about my life. I would always ask if he loved me and was sure that I could do all that he asked of me. Every single time, I felt  the peace that he knew me, loved me, and believed in me.

The biggest blessing is that we can all do this every day! He wants to listen to you. He wants to hear about your life. He wants to hear about the nerdy things that make you happy, the ridiculous things that make you sad, the guys/girls you want to date, your parents, your kids, your major, your health........the list goes on and on. Just talk to Him. All day, every day.

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