Friday, August 1, 2014

The closing of a chapter. The opening of a new.

Today is one of those days when you say goodbye to the old adventure and begin a new one. After five years in provo, I am saying goodbye and moving to the big city.... Orem. Though I am not going far, I still would like to take a moment to reflect on the past 5 years, starting with the first.

Wyview is where it all began...
And that is where I met this crew

They say you make friends in college you keep for life, and these girls will be my friends for life.

Freshman year was a good time

There was even a proposal... but I decided to wait a little while...

Then I moved to cox for my sophomore year and made some more friends.

And kept some old friends

Oh yeah, and there was BYU Laudry!

Sophmore year was a growing time.

In my third year I moved to this magical place called southridge.

And the friendships continued

And there were some friends who had the patience to stick around.

Oh and my mom came and we matched... very cute.

Junior year was a time of socializing, and dating.....A LOT.

Year four(and perhaps one of the best years of my life)
This was the year I joined the lovely ladies of Cox 14.

Yet again, new friends and some of the old.

Year 4 was a time of true friendship and angels.

Then I moved to the Atrium.(Don't worry peeps, its almost over)

I met some cool people here, but apparently, I didn't take many pictures, so if you are one of those cool people I apologize, your picture is in my head and my heart.

Here are the only two pictures I have of new friends

My 5th and final year in Provo was a year of change.

I tried my hand at teaching


Said goodbye to some pretty stellar friends

Some of the angels in my life got married to other angels.


And now I am ready. Provo, I had a good time, I grew, I dated, I made lasting friendships, and most of all, I changed. Thank you for a great 5 years.

Next stop: Orem

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  1. Oh my gosh... You totally had me going for that whole thing!