Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lesson in the lesson

Today in my Methods of Teaching Math class we were talking about how the best way to teach math and other subjects is through an inquiry method. This is essentially asking questions that push students to learn the concepts without you telling them exactly what they have to do to solve a math problem. This way is known to be effective because students have a much more concrete knowledge when they have to work for it and when it comes from inside them(from knowledge they already have). This helps them develop reasoning skills that help them solve problems in the future.

Well, as I was sitting there, I realized that this is how the Lord works with us. He is not going to tell us all the steps to solve our problems because that would be robbing us of an essential experience that will solidify the knowledge we gain that will help us solve problems in the future. He wants us to progress, not just stay in the same spot because we know that he will just tell us exactly what we need to do the next time we need help.

We sit here and say. "Where are you, God?", or "Why won't you help me? Did I do something wrong?" No, he has not left us alone. He is there putting small things in our path(questions if you will) that guide us to the right answer.

As a teacher, I would absolutely love to tell my students exactly what they need to do to solve every problem/homework assignment. I would love  to sit with each of them and help them write their papers so that they get a good grade and do the quality of work that I am capable of. This would rob them of their learning. As soon as I let them be, they would drown. They would realize they couldn't accomplish anything and that it was only me doing the work.

I believe that it is the same way with our relationship with God. He loves us perfectly. He wants so badly to sit with us and help us do our "homework" the way that He is able to do it. This would ultimately handicap us when it is our turn to be Gods and Goddesses. He wants us to progress with knowledge that sticks because of  the work we have done to make it stick.

So don't give up. Keep trying. Fail as many times as you can because every time you fail, you have a chance to show the Lord that you are willing to endure to the end. All he wants is for us to get up every time we fall, and try again. His hand is there. He is sitting and asking the right questions to guide us to Him.

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