Friday, January 4, 2013

What is the truth?

A book I recently read called "Through His Eyes" taught me a lot about overcoming my fears. When I am fearful, it is usually because I have been focusing on things that are half truths or even flat out lies.
Here are some examples:

Sometimes I am afraid that when people get to know me!they will not like me.
I am afraid to drive long distances because I am afraid of getting in an accident.
I am afraid of the death of a loved one.

These are all fears of mine because there is a half truth or a lie that I tell myself without even knowing it. While I have a hard time finding out what that lie is, I have found it helpful to find an eternal truth in all of these instances that will help me to find peace.

For the first one I remember that God loves me perfectly and he knows me the most out of anybody.
For my fear of car accidents, I think about the truth that God has helped me so far to get through anything, so he would help me get through a car accident if need be.
Finally I remember that we are on an eternal plan here. It doesn't end in this life. I will be with my loved ones forever, and if they leave this life, it just means that the Lord has work for them to do elsewhere.

Finding truth through the gospel of Jesus Christ, helps me to overcome The fears that this world brings. This video illustrates the point I am trying to make.

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