Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Being God-Taught

Tonight, I went to Ashley's Doctrine and Covenants class with her. Her teacher quoted Brigham Young's wife saying that he was so kind that he must have been "God-taught". I pondered on this throughout the rest of the class period. At first I thought about being as kind as Brigham Young.

Then I realized a bigger lesson. God is teaching me every day. I have a place in my dinky closet to pray. In there I have had some of my most spiritual and sacred moments. During these conversations with my Heavenly Father, am showing God that I am ready to learn what he has to teach me that day or that moment. In other words, I am being God-taught.

Most of the teaching usually occurs as I go throughout each day. Today, I learned a lesson about pain. I didn't realize that recovery from surgery could be so painful. However, as I reflected upon this experience, I realized that through the struggle I am going through, I am learning to have empathy for others.

Also, I know that after this experience, other physical pains will not seem as bad to me. It reminds me of when I was learning to drive. I drove part of the way from Oregon to Utah. As I drove on the flat parts at first, I was tense, and scared because I had to go so fast. Then, we came to one of the most difficult parts of the trip. It was the steep winding hills part. FUN! I was even more stressed, but you know what? When it went back to being flat. It was soooooo much easier. I felt pretty good about my driving skills.

Sometimes the Lord pushes us to feel pain(whether physical, emotional, or mental) so that when we get back to the flat portion of life, it is sooooo much easier. We are more grateful for the little things that we overlooked before things got much harder.

Usually we don't stay on the flat road too long before the Lord, in His wisdom, and through His immense love for us, allows us to learn even more and become even stronger.

What a thrill it is for us to be God-taught. If we open our eyes, we will see the lessons that He teaches us, and we will be grateful for those lessons. Even during the trying and hard times.

Today I am grateful for:

  • Pain that increases my tolerance and gratitude
  • Mary for studying so hard so that she knows exactly how to take stitches out. I would be in so much pain if she didn't know how to take out the accidentally left over stitches. 
  • Quotes and cute videos from my niece, Emily
  • Our roommate time when we all forgot our homework and giggled about ridiculous things together-this was one of those moments that matter most that I talked about in the previous post.
  • The school song that my first graders sing every monday that makes me cry. EVERY TIME.

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