Monday, November 12, 2012

Extraordinarily Ordinary Moments

Well, I am finally coming to the end of my recovery from hand surgery. My bandage came off today and my stitches came out. So now I am just working on getting full use of my hand again.

I have been sitting in the library for a while trying to work my hand out while trying and failing to motivate myself to do homework. I didn't even notice that I was starting to let my mood go downhill.

Then, who knew exactly what I needed? The Lord of course. Some random guy walked by and gave me a smile. That's it. A smile. I say he gave me a smile because of course, what did I do, I smiled back. Then, what do you know, I was smiling!

I started to reflect on many of the talks by President Uchtdorf. He most often instructs us to slow down and pay attention the the ordinary moments of life.

Here is a good example:

I also am reminded of this talk by our prophet President Monson. He teaches us to be grateful for the ordinary.

To go along with my thanksgiving theme, today, I am grateful for that smile. Although it was such an ordinary moment, gratitude has made it into an extraordinary moment; it has brought me closer to my Heavenly Father as I realize that he chose to bless my life through a stranger.

We all need to smile more; we will never know how many smiles we create on the faces of others this way.

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  1. Oh, and I am grateful for the snow. I think it is so pretty. Especially on the mountains when the sun is rising and setting.