Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nobody knows.

A wise woman once told me...
"Nobody knows how much confidence you have so take as much as you want!"

This has been such a help to me as I have been teaching this past week. I get so nervous to go into my first grade classroom, but as soon as I am there, I remember this phrase. Thank you Rachel Moyes.

Sometimes we think that the whole world thinks we are incompetent, when in reality, we are the only ones that do. We can have as much confidence as we want. The power is within us when we pray to have the strength of the Lord to do the things that are hard or scary to us.

When trials come and our fears threaten to destroy us, remember that we can pray, no matter where we are and we will be given the strength to take the amount of confidence that we need to accomplish the tasks that the Lord has put before us.

1 comment:

  1. So True! You go, my beautiful, confident daughter! Love you bunches and I have complete confidence in your abilities - after all, you received them from the creator of all! He loves you more than you know. Trust Him! Good luck today.